Jala-Haba, ROBUST and HELL in a Bottle
Jala-Haba is made with fresh jalapenos and habaneros for that perfect taste.
Robust is made with the Jala-Haba recipe with 3x the habaneros for those who love the heat.
and HELL in a Bottle is made with the Robust recipe with added GHOST PEPPERS for extra HEAT.

   Papa Lynn's Hot Sauce has been made in Pontotoc Mississippi since at least the 1970s..  The sauce started as a homemade hot sauce made by my dad, and eaten with most meals.  First he used only jalapeno peppers, for the taste and alittle heat..  Friends and family alike would come over for meals and raved over the hot sauce.  Soon, Papa Lynn was asked to make it alittle hotter, thus Jala-Haba was born.  Jala-Haba is made with jalapenos and habaneros in a delicious, spicy, tomato base.  Papa Lynn created a masterpiece.  Family and friends convinced Papa Lynn to sell them his new hot sauce. Customers would share the hot sauce with their friends and family, and those friends and family would order a case, and do the same.   No advertising was ever made, but by word of mouth,  people from all over the states heard about and wanted his Jala-Haba hot sauce.
      A pizza place called and wanted it for hot wings, but needed more heat. ROBUST was created. Robust started with the Jala-Haba base with 3x the habanero peppers for the perfect added heat.     
     In April of 2015,  Papa Lynn sufferred a stroke.  Thank goodness that it only affected his communication skills.  He still had his mind and body, but had trouble talking.  While in the hospital, Papa Lynn was more concerned about his hot sauce customers than for himself.  The family pulled together and made sure his hot sauce was made and his customers served.
     In October of  2015, my dad, Papa Lynn, sold me his recipe and his brand.  He still comes and taste tests the hot sauce and helps as he can.
     In October of 2015, I got a loan and bought property and a building.  It was converted into a commercial kitchen where Papa Lynn's Hot Sauce is handmade and bottled in Ecru, Mississippi.. My mom is my helper along with immediate family, and we normally bottle about 16 cases of 12 oz bottles when we cook the hot sauce.
     On September 21, 2016 a new flavor of Papa Lynn's Hot Sauce was added.  We used the ROBUST recipe and added Ghost Peppers for XTRA heat.  We call it HELL in a Bottle. Amost immediately, both my dad and oldest brother converted from Jala-Haba to this new flavor - Hell in a Bottle.  Soon, everyone wanted it..
     On April 6, 2018, Papa Lynn unexpectedly passed away.   Soon after, my Mom, my helper, also unexpectedly passed away on Thanksgiving of 2018.
     Thank you to all who brag about and share the Papa Lynn's Hot Sauce with your friends and family.  That is the greatest compliment you can give us.
     We still make Papa Lynn's Hot Sauce in the little Commercial Kitchen in Ecru Mississippi and hope to continue for years to come.
Thank you all for your continued support.

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Call or TEXT to order by the bottle or by the Case 662-419-1662
When texting, please include name, address, phone number, flavor and case size.
12  12oz bottles in a case (Jala-Haba or Robust) for $60 plus S&H domestic USA
12  12oz bottles in a case of Hell in the Bottle is $65 plus S&H domestic USA
  12  5oz bottles in a case (Jala-Haba or Robust) is $30 plus S&H domestic USA
 12  5oz bottles in a case of Hell in the Bottle is $35 plus S&H domestic USA

You can calculate shipping from Ecru Ms 38841
12 oz case is 23 lbs  and box size is 12x10x12
5oz case is 14 lbs and box size is 10x8x10